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Do you feel like something is missing despite your success? Leadership is complex and often takes a twisting path. Career reframes, pivots, transitions, and learning new skills are all part of the journey. I love to help leaders who want to maximize their impact, show up as their authentic selves, AND sustain themselves as complex human beings.


“When I hired Dr. Byrne, I was unsatisfied with my career trajectory. I had been mulling over starting a private practice for quite a while, but the more I looked into it the more overwhelming it all seemed. I was surprised at how personal the process was, and especially how personable Dr. Byrne was. Going in, I assumed she would tell me exactly what to do and I would just follow her lead. And yet working with her was so much more than that! We spent a lot of time exploring my values and career goals with the goal of designing a practice that fit my goals and my personality. She was professional, approachable, and easy to communicate with.”
“Honestly, I am continually grateful for your help in transforming our practice, and I can’t count how many people I’ve informally told how helpful your services are. I couldn’t be happier with how everything has worked out with implementing the changes you recommended. I love getting to go to work every day, and am probably one of the least burned-out psychiatrist you’ll ever meet! I really feel like I am living the dream!”
“I was fortunate to work with Dr. Jennie Byrne for a few months. I am an Internal Medicine physician with over 25 years of clinical practice and management experience. Like many physicians, I got into management role because I was a clinician but did not have any formal training on how to manage teams and people. I was struggling with motivating people and collaboration. I found Jennie to be a great coach and mentor. Her approach is to address the problems in a comprehensive way – she gives practical pointers but also suggest books to read that focuses on systematic way to address the issues. She then asks for a feedback on whether or not the techniques worked in getting the results and helps problem solve further. I was able to get better outcomes from my team members because of her coaching. Jennie could be a great mentor for any physician in management role to achieve better outcomes.”

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